High quality images – Smart dot control algorithm creates rich, bold, glossy colours for superior indoor and outdoor applications

The ColorPainter M-64s features Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology together with Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology, delivering consistently rich, bold, glossy colours with fine details throughout. An in-built production unit provides added flexibility for professional users.

- Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology optimises dot size and density for consistently high quality even at high speeds

- Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology dot control algorithm control delivers superior image quality for skin tones, grey shadows and smooth gradients in pastel shades

- 7-colour model features additional grey for smoother monochrome printing without colour shift at different lightings, creating detailed results in dark shaded areas

- Industrial high-frequency greyscale print heads deliver precise constant drop control

- Newly-developed SX ink designed for high quality print results

- Poster prints on white or photo paper with a photo-realistic glossy print and full, bright colour gamut

- The colour density will be stable and constant from high quality up to top speed print mode


This kind of hybrid UV flatbed printer is suitable for corrugated paper,foam core, PVC,ceramic tile,synthetic glass,wood,metal sheet,paper,advertising banner,mesh fabrics,adhesive vinyl,etc. The images printed by this printer are water-proof,antiultraviolet,scratch-resistant,and of high definition. As an experienced hybrid UV flatbed printer manufacturer in China,we also provide eco solvent pritnr and color inkjet printer to eatisfy different requirements of customers. All of our products are CE,UL and FCC certified,so you can feel secure in using them.  If you are in need of hybrid UV flatbed printer,or eco solvent printer,please don't hesitate to contact us ! At Runtianzhi,we will provide the best services for you.

- F1 250UV hybrid UV flatbed printer employs 10 or 15 Konica Minolta printheads coming in 5 colors(CMYK+W).

- The maximum printing speed and width is 54sqm/hr and 2.5meters respectively.

- This flatbed printer is applicable for printing materials with a maximum thickness of 4.8cm.

- The highest printing resolution reaches 1440*1440dpi.


The SureColor SC-F2000 direct-to-garment printer lets you set up and start printing t-shirts and other items straight away, with a complete solution including printer, printhead, inks and software. This new model offers faster, higher quality printing, with reduced intervention and the ability to create your own designs.

Faster, higher-quality printing

The printer offers speedier results than earlier models, with additional fast print modes and improved ink circulation for quicker start-up. Plus it incorporates improved screening for smoother reproduction of images and a wider gamut.

Reduced intervention

The SC-F2000 has an auto-maintenance mode with a separate cleaning cartridge to substantially reduce scheduled maintenance, as well as a dust catcher to prevent fluff and dust on the printhead. It comes with an optional fabric platen grip pad and platen grip tool to make garment placement easier.

UltraChrome DG ink

Epson’s UltraChrome DG Inks are supplied in 600ml cartridges, and offer vivid colours and tough, crack-resistant white ink for printing on dark fabrics. White ink is circulated within the printer to reduce clogging.


Epson's UltraChrome DG ink has been awarded an ECO PASSPORT certification from OEKO-TEX®¹